Jeff Mellin Saves the World, Parts 1ne & 2we

by Jeff Mellin



A 1-2 punch of Jangle-Pop & Swamp-Folk from the acclaimed Boston songsmith that'll save your world quicker than you can say “Happy Together.” Features members of Charlie Chesterman's Legendary Motorbikes, swamp-noir outfit Slide, Miss Mary & the Oscillators


E–tuned in the Letter “Stamped”:
Sir Dance–a–lot Dink and the knights of turn-table/they tried to monkey me into rioting this fable/about a lawn donkey and his piece of grass, Mabel/who never seemed to cough without her legs crossed. | Well Cecil Taylor made a call to Mister Jelly Roll/Asked him, “Pardon me, Jelly, I’m taking a poll—/Have you ever heard Dick Hyman at Shelley’s Manne–Hole?/It left my ears with their eyes crossed!” | Well–water on my windshield means I’m driving low/like Joe Dimaggio on Marylin’s Monmole/He swings his bat sweeter than Toblerone/in the on–deck circle with his dress crossed. | Don’t look now, Randy Johnson’s on the mound/He’s chewing tobacco; his thoughts are profound/He’s thinking ’bout that catcher in a spitball gown/He’s stirring up the batter’s box and chowin’ down/He chokes just like the chicken who never makes a sound/The third base coach’s signals crossed. | The threepenny jockey rides a two bit quarter horse/and pays with green stamps for tea at the golf course/I think he’s a cheap little bastard. | If you see Bell Pepa, tell her I was polite/I cooked you like a packet of “Vegetable Delight”/I told the sub–committee I was pulling up your tights/They asked me if your buns were hot–crossed. | Let me flick it kneestyle: uh–uh. Flannel! Panel! I got more cocker than a spaniel!Now OB1KNO–B said to C3PO, “You’re just another number as far as I know.”/“You R2 detailed!” cried Pablo Picasso, “And you’re too square to ever be a cubist!” | Jeff Mellin called to tell me he’s gonna save the world/I said, “Great, Jeffrey, who’s gonna play the girl?”/He said, “Maybe Kate Winslet, maybe Milton Berle; The needle needs a record to get its point across.” | Well pardon me, Producer, I think I might be sick/Your entire wall of sound is made from just one brick/You last about as long as a Nestlé’s Quik/when that bunny comes around. | Well me and the midget, we don’t see eye to eye/His hat it adds a gallon to his pint of size/Sometimes if you poke him in the belly he cries: “Have you ever had to pay to watch Lacrosse?” | Flannel, funnel, build me a tunnel!

by Franklyn Pearse O’Wryly, S.J., author of One Squared and Oh! the Juniper!


"This Boston-based rocker's collection of infectious melodic jangle pop and swamp folk is actually a combination of two self-released EPs from the late '90s. Divided into two distinct sections, part one finds Mellin plowing through the groovy sounds of the British Invasion and mid-'60s American pop with guitar arpeggios, falsetto harmonies, handclaps, Farfisa organ textures, and a backbeat worthy of Ringo Starr's hearty approval. Cuts such as "Frankly Babe," "Shocked at First," and "Wilson Squared Airport Disaster" utilize primitive studio trickery such as canned applause, spoken word vignettes, and the crackling pop of vinyl to add an additional smattering of authenticity. Part two could be sub-titled "Mellin's Music From Big Pink" as the singer/songwriter opts for acoustic guitars, upright bass, accordion, and echo-laden vocals which give the cuts an aura of desperation and loneliness. Mellin's rootsy persona shines best on "Half-Moon in 4/4," a tongue-in-cheek country dirge that bemoans the perils of romance. Though he wears his influences on his sleeve, Mellin is never derivative and his songs are well crafted. The musicians on this album are among the cream of the crop of New England's underground pop coalition, including Andy Pastore and John Clarke (Charlie Chesterman & the Legendary Motorbikes), Suzi Lee (Coronet Premiers, Slide), brother Joel Mellin (the Oscillators), and Jake Guralnick (the Eddies, Tuffskins)." - Tom Semioli, All Music Guide


released March 1, 1999

Executive produced by Jeff Mellin

Part 1ne produced by Pete Weiss with Jeff Mellin
Part 2we produced by Ducky Carlilse

Acoustic tracks produced by Robert Kempf
Miss Mary bits recorded by Joel Mellin



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