by The Oscillators

(free) 02:52


And then it was said, "Here is Hi-Fidelity, use it well my children!"

And so those crazy Oscillators took to the studio for their Sophomore effort, Incog*neat*o!.

This time 'round, the amps are louder, the harmonies sweeter, the recording crisper, and the suspense greater.

How will the Oscillators top the stunning success of their first Stereorrific release? The secret answer : They don't have to, they're Incog*neat*o! They don't have to hide their go-go garage instincts for anyone.

This is what it sounds like: Miss Mary eases over to the microphone for a few numbers, Gimmie, Gimmie, Something Like You, and the beat sound of Don't Look Back, while Samantha tears up the rockers in the teenage anthem, No Way! and the high school drama, Revenge on Sandy.

Joel does some Mickey Dolenz (ala Stepping Stone) on the runaway track, Be Mine Now and a little Mick Swagger on the days of the week song on the record, I Can't Wait 'Til Friday Comes.

And Matt, he rides the low-end surf waves on numbers like Doug Buggy and the title track, Incog*neat*o! (Everybody knows its Wendy on the drums!)

They're back, in a brand new Hi-Fi Adventure. Check 'em out, and discover what's Incog*neat*o!


released August 1, 1999



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