Uno Nunca Sabe

by Rectangle



Born of the same fertile heartland soil as The Poster Children, Hum and Braid, Rectangle create a distinctive melange of sideways smiling noise-pop melodies and confrontational post-rock angularity, likened in sound and spirit to cathartic pop-wrecks like the three Ps: Polvo, Pavement and The Pixies. The band debuted in 1998 with an EP, Prowl Across the Arctic, followed in 2000 by their first Stereorrific album, Bunker. Their latest release, Uno Nunca Sabe, takes their guitar wrangling and lyrical tangling in even more fiercely experimental territory - at times bombastic and abrasive, at times delicate and melodic, but at all times innovative and surprising.


released October 31, 2003



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