Things We've Got & Things We're Winning

by Orange Nichole



Orange Nichole and the Totally Sticky Mittens
by Harry Pot, Agriculturalist

La vida diva: i’va idea i’da done nothing different if i’da been in her stew. chop gooey pop suey and stop sushi, it’s mean. i mean, play nice, laplander, or fluff yourself somewhere else. a connecticut hankie on king arthur’s cork is the nosejob we know about nowadays; picture what we don’t. in a restaurant called phuket, i gave you a coupon of love, and it was already dollar wednesday. did you say dylanesque or dolphinesque? i’m leaving! i got a date with old crow. the bird from the old photo (this bird was a star). we’re performing secret laundry beneath these executive branches. who’ll know? owls is who. they might speak of it among themselves but otherwise won’t tell. we’ll rent adjoining rumors in the heart of raisin city, to add a new wrinkle to romance, until a sudden horror of featherbeds sends us back to the forest. i’m all for primeval living—it’s how frankenstein learned english—but this was like sleeping on fingers. i can’t get the kinks out of this song, not even with a lawsuit, so don’t wave those pinstripes at me; i’m optically disillusioned. hogwash! it’s back to the basins for me.


released October 1, 2006



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