Hotel Harrison: An Elegy for George Harrison

by Jeff Mellin, Joel Mellin, Garrett Caples, Dimtri Fane



Original 2006 release notes:
When George Harrison succumbed to lung cancer in 2001, the poet Garrett Caples was so moved by the Beatle's death that he wrote a sublime elegy titled "Light Sleeper" and mailed it out to close friends on handmade prayer cards. One such friend, the songwriter Jeff Mellin, was so moved by the poem he set it to music, and a rough acoustic mp3 circulated in a similar circle. Jeff then brought in his brother, the computer music composer Joel Mellin, and bassist Dimtri Fane to help with a fully produced version. Joel was then inspired to composed a White Album-via-gamelan inspired avant-garde piece. They played it all for friends, polished it off, and quietly put it on the shelf. Now, five years after Harrison's passing, Stereorrific humbly presents this set of elegiac recordings to the public for the first time. Also included on the CD is a short Quicktime film of Garrett Caples reading the original poem at the St. George's poetry festival in New York, punctuated by the paintings of Chinese surrealist Hu Xin.


released October 1, 2006



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