Compositions For Computer: Vol. 1

by Joel Mellin



“Mellin’s sound scores are layered, sophisticated — sometimes jarring and surprising, sometimes meditative and unrelenting — worlds I want to place amongst my dance. His computer generated sounds mysteriously reveal themselves into a swirling landscape, perfect for the choreography to unfold, to stray and settle in and, eventually, a place for the dance to live.”
-Jodi Melnick, Choreographer

\"Joel Mellin\'s compositional sense is firmly planted outside those boundaries that most composers fight to break through. While others may think \"outside the box\", Mellin does not recognize the box in the first place. A maverick with a deep respect and understanding for of formal disciplines, his innovations push both technological and aesthetic boundaries with razor sharp clarity and a kind of revolutionary charisma that invites the listener into a welcoming, if not always comfortable sonic world.\"
-Nick Didkovsky, Composer and Author of the Java Music Specification Language (JMSL)
Aug 12, 2008

Can language be evolved from randomness?
Do clouds have tempo?
Can fire listen and respond to melody?
Do you need a surf band to make surf music?

Composer Joel Mellin explores questions like these. Since leaving his job as a NASA satellite engineer in the late 1990s, he’s been using computers to realize new musical ideas, going beyond the now commonplace electronic instruments of the last century. He creates innovative digital music systems using Genetic Algorithms and sonar based instrument controllers for real-time performance, taking computer music far beyond simple loop-making and recording His compositions have been heard in performances from the Feldman Gallery in Soho to, most recently, the Dublin Dance Festival in Ireland.

“Computers can provide an abstract framework, completing tasks humans can’t do,” explains Mellin. “I find this liberating. I’m free to explore musical ideas that’d be
impossible with traditional musicianship and written composition.”


released June 1, 2008



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