by Rectangle



The Last Reord of the 20th Century / The First Record of the 21st Century

In the last days of the last century, as the World braced for an end that never came, Rectangle sequestered themselves from the millennial hype, cloistered with Rick Valentin (Poster Children, Salaryman) at his Studio Tedium to record the final statement of one era and the first of the next. The result was Bunker.

Born of the same fertile rock-soils of Champaign, Illinois that gave rise to bands the Poster Children, Hum, Braid, and Menthol, Rectangle play a distinctive melange of noise and melody that has earned them a reputation throughout the Midwest, rocking clubs and house parties from Champaign to Chicago to CMJ. A dedicated live band, Rectangle have been known to haul themselves and their equipment hundreds of miles for a single show.

Bunker showcases that distinctive sound, energy and dedication, as well as depth of creativity and musicianship. As one critic has written, "Rectangle songs have a wonderful tendency to whither away to nearly nothing before slowly winding back up to a new, alien form or a triumphant return of the original. The guitars never sound weird enough to disorient the listener from the music, but if you sit long enough, they may slip a noose of pedals and oddly tuned strings around your neck and pull. ...they'll reach the stage where you can't stop listening to them."

Recorded by Rick Valentin (Poster Children, Salaryman)


released October 31, 2000

Recorded by Rick Valentin (Poster Children, Salaryman)



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