50​,​000​,​000 Elves Fans Can't Be Wrong

by Various Artists



menswear endowment "the loneliest snowman" (along the lines of the lilac time, at closing time)

seks bomba "double-o santa" (pun-laden loungecore in a Bacharach stylee)

mj hibbett and the validators "give us a kiss (for Christmas)" (blustering charm laden sing along from Leicester's leonard cohen antithesis)

nixon "anorak christmas" cute swedish synth-pop-indie that'll have you spinning like a helicopter)

the Rory McBrides "(we like) eggnog!" (JTQ meets "tequila" from our england obsessed american cousins)

Sool "spicing the christmas cake" (1 minute 3 seconds of Bavarian waltz-time-bliss)

the pines "chalet" (gorgeous female fronted folk pop acoustica that actually smells of snowflakes)

velodrome 2000 "christmas sucks" (joey ramone, pete Shelley, Joan jett and stephen pastel couldn't have done better)

the waistcoats "(i wish you could be more like) Santa Claus" (a sentiment we all agree on, and expressed as only a Dutch garage (as in garage) group can)

weevil "Coventry carol" (like monks with a vocoder singing garage (as inUK))

the professor "thank you" (the professor thanks, among others, tuna belt...with words)

the weisstronauts "silent night" (yeah, right... like you can't guess... it rocks)


released December 25, 2001



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